What Is In A Last Name?

In This House Our Last Name Is Everything …

What’s your last name may seem like a simple question that anyone would be able to answer without any second thoughts, but in our house you have to be careful when answering that simple question. Prior to marrying my husband I was Tamika Michelle Roberts and I absolutely love #TeamRoberts, but when I married Alphonso, I became an EVANS. I don’t honestly know how I felt about becoming an EVANS back in 2004 when we first were married, but now 15 years later I am so grateful I am an EVANS.

Alphonso and I are complete opposites in most areas but when we met it was something about him that instantly caught my attention. Though he’s handsome, it wasn’t that 🙂 . It was his drive, determination and his unapologetic demonstration of faith. I know and have met many great individuals in life, but even 15 years later there are not many that can hold a candle to him when it comes to drive, success and perserverance. I can’t name one thing in life this man has done that has ever been half a**. He’s always been at the top of his game, always went for the gold, never took any shorts and seems to always make a way out of no way in every situation. Needless to say, as a college student, he impressed me and as an adult he still keeps me in awe.

Now back to what I was saying… What’s your last name? Those four simple words have become a slogan in our household. When our children walk out the door in the morning for school, their father asks them “what’s your last name”. When they answer, he always tells them to remember that they are an EVANS. When they do something wrong, their father asks them “What’s your last name” and then reminds them that whatever it was is not becoming of an EVANS. When they do something great, their father reminds them that it is because they are an EVANS. Whenever they come home and say what someone else is able to do or what someone else’s parents allow them to do, their father reminds them that their last name is EVANS. So in this house what may just be a last name to some means so much more to us. Being an EVANS in this house means you are packed with potential and possibility, you are not perfect but you are the always striving for excellence. It means you never settle for less, you never take any shorts in life, you carry yourself at all times as a child of the Most High, you practice integrity and perseverance, you bring nothing in our house that is mediocre or not your best and you ultimately carry the name EVANS with pride and promise.

When I reflect on the purpose of this blog and I think about what it has meant to cultivate greatness in our children, I realize that it all began a long time ago with those four simple words, “What’s your last name”. Alphonso and I debate most things in life, but as parents one thing we do not debate is the cultivation of greatness in our children and in other people’s children. Sometimes the children we raise in our home as well as the children we rear in our schools tend to forget, but we must remind them to never forget their last name. They come from GREATNESS therefore they are GREAT! For others, it may not be the idea of the last name, but no matter what it is I’m a firm believer that our Black and Brown children must be reminded of who they are everyday, the standard must be held high and the imagery of GREATNESS must be in front of their faces on a daily basis.

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