Let The Journey Begin!

Thank you for joining us on our journey of cultivating greatness in every life that we touch…

Hello Everyone, my name is Tamika Michelle and I am an educator and school principal by degree but a mommy and advocate for Black and Brown children at heart! I co-author this family and lifestyle blog with my husband of 15 years Dr. Alphonso Evans Sr. . When I think about who Tamika Michelle actually is, I realize that if you asked other people they would say that I am the educator and principal who is absolutely in love with my career. They would continue by saying, I am the Black woman who believes in opportunity and access for Black and Brown children, the mother of two amazing children who are the joys of my life, and the person who works hard to ensure her children have the level of opportunity and access needed for their success. They would also say, I am the business owner who is clear about my purpose and the spoiled wife of a real Boss (In More Areas Than One). But the best thing anyone could ever say about me is that I am a child of God who strives to walk in my calling everyday.

This is year 40 for me and an absolutely amazing time in my life. Sometimes life will bring you to moments of reflection and gratefulness that you can’t even explain. Well, that’s where I am right now in life. I am in a grateful place and am enjoying the journey. The calling on my life has led me to begin chronicling our family’s journey. In this blog you will be able to follow some parts of my life and the life of our family. You will also be able to read about the journey that my husband and I are on to empower and impact the lives of children and families. The calling on my life is now intertwined with the calling on my husband’s life and through our callings we are striving each day to impact the lives of children and families not only connected to us, but also the lives of those who our impact can reach.

I chose to title this blog “Cultivating Generational Greatness With #TeamEvans “because when I think about the life our family leads, I am reminded every day that we are simply cultivating greatness and that is our calling. The cultivation of greatness can be seen through the work we do in the lives of the scholars we serve in our schools, those we mentor in our community and most of all it can be witnessed in the lives of our very own children. You can expect this blog to include aspects of our lives that include but are not limited to, education, God, family, friends, work, travel, parenting, and of course food. I can’t promise that it will always be interesting, but I can promise that we will always be honest about what we choose to share. As you read, I encourage you to comment and share any tidbits that resonate with you. 

This blog is meant to share a journey; more specifically, our journey and focuses on parenting, my life as a new entrepreneur, the craziness of our family schedule on most days, the hectic lack of balance we struggle with, self-care, education, our perfect mess of a life 🙂 , areas of greatness as well as areas of opportunity, and so much more. Our mission with this blog is to inspire, encourage and inform in small ways that have a big impact. It is our plan to do this by sharing our story and experiences, providing others with useful tools and products, and just simply documenting what we are learning in the process. We are committed to identifying greatness in our own children and even more committed to identifying greatness in other people’s children. Our ultimate goal will always be about the business of nation building in our communities and creating generational greatness for Black and Brown children. 

I like to think of our lives as an open book, and The Cultivating Greatness With #TeamEvans blog is just a few pages of that book that we have chosen to dog-ear and share in an effort to inspire, reflect and to never forget.  

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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